A case of avian flu in a Loiret farm, control measures put in place

A case of bird flu has been detected in a Loiret poultry farmin the town of Beauchamps-sur-Huillard, announces the prefecture this Wednesday, October 26.

“The slaughter operation is underway, in collaboration with the breeder,” adds the prefecture. According to our information, 8,000 poultry would be affected.

In addition to this measure, an order was issued to define a control zone of 10 kilometers around the epidemic center.

The municipalities concerned by this zone are as follows: : Auvilliers-en-Gâtinais, Beauchamps-sur-Huillard, Bellegarde, Chailly-en-Gâtinais, Chatenoy, Coudroy, Fréville-du-Gâtinais, La Cour-Marigny, Ladon, Lorris, Mézières-en-Gâtinais, Montliard, Nesploy, Noyers, Ouzouer-sous-Bellegarde, Presnoy, Quiers-sur-Bézonde, Sury-aux-Bois, Thimory.

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Declare your poultry

In these municipalities, individuals with poultry must register at the town hall, or on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture. “Owners must ensure confinement of poultry, or the installation of nets preventing any contact between poultry and wild birds. Any abnormal mortality must be declared to its veterinarian”, adds the prefecture.

“The health situation with regard to highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has deteriorated in recent weeks”, finally recalls the Loiret prefecture. In early October, the risk level was raised from “negligible” to “moderate” throughout the national territory. The last case in Loiret dated from May 2022, in Sennely.

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