A Brussels restaurateur moves because of the Good Move plan: “It’s unlivable, I’ve lost 80% of my clientele”

Trop is you veel for Christophe Durieux, owner of the establishment “Le Rabassier”, located in the Sablon district in Brussels. The restaurateur explained to the microphone of BX1 that he had made the decision to move.

According to him, the introduction of the Good Move plan in mid-August within the Pentagon and the resulting traffic jams completely killed his business. “My customers tell me themselves, they will no longer come to my restaurant” he laments.

His only solution according to him: to leave. “It becomes unlivable. I lost 80% of my clientele” , says the chef. His restaurant will therefore close its doors on October 31 to settle near the Wolvendael park in Uccle. Christophe Durieux also thinks that he will not be the only one. “Many other restaurants in the center are likely to do the same as us” he warns.

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