A 300 m2 raclette restaurant is opening in Paris!

Winter is coming and like Fatal Bazooka, you’re cold, you have glands, you have balls? Only one remedy and you know it: raclette! Plain Raclette, truffle raclette… against seasonal depression, nothing better than a good dose of melted cheese!

raclette restaurant Paris

Yet at home some guest profiles can quickly turn the raclette evening into a nightmare. Only one piece of advice: go to a restaurant! And that’s good, we found you one of the the most comforting winter restaurants in Paris! Make an emergency appointment at Monbleu in Paris, a 300 m2 restaurant where raclette is king!

The crème de la crème of farmhouse and artisanal raclettes from our mountains… in Paris!

Raclette alert! Paris Secret repeats: raclette alert! Rue du Faubourg Montmartre in Paris, over nearly 300 m2, Monbleu welcomes you to its cheese dairy-restaurant. Raclette, with wild garlic, truffles, pepper, goat cheese, Espelette pepper… Monbleu is the temple of cheese! Damien Richardot, its passionate founder, a native of the Alps, intends to make you melt all winter long, with his high-end products.

raclette restaurant Paris

In the cheese area, a hundred cheeses of quality, farmers and artisans await you, carefully selected by the cheese maker Pierre Gay MOF. And like a craving for cheese can occur at any time, the Monbleu cheese dairy in Faubourg Montmartre is open 7 days a week! (Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

raclette restaurant Paris

Restaurant side, 3 options to choose from for cheese fondues. Traditional raclette formula (25€), Veggie raclette formula (28€), Charcuterie raclette formula (32€) for the 3 formulas, potatoes and raclette are ANY TIME! Team raclette, hurry to Monbleu in Paris!

And psst! The icing on the cake: via its Raclette-Shop, Monbleu offers ready-made raclette kits! Choose your kit, the number of guests, and here you are delivered to your doorstep!

Monbleu Faubourg Montmartre – Paris 9
Monbleu Le Comptoir – Paris 3

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