5 kittens, malnourished by their inexperienced mother, were narrowly saved by a shelter

5 kittens were found malnourished and covered in dirt. They were taken care of just in time by a shelter.

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Stray cats do their best to care for their young. But they live in sometimes dangerous environments, often with few resources for food or water. When it comes to their first litter, lack of experience can further complicate things, as was the case for these 5 kittens.

According to the shelter, the mom did her best

5 kittens were discovered in great difficulty and cared for by the shelter Animal Welfare Furness. They were covered in dirt, infested with parasites and above all very thin. “I think the mother did her best as an outdoor cat and helped them survive with the resources she had.”, declared the spokesman of the association, in words reported by The Mail.

However, it would seem that the mother had no experience in maternity, or that she lacked milk. Indeed, the little ones were already eating meat when they were just 4 weeks old.

The little ones had to fight to survive

In critical condition, the kittens had to fight to survive. Unfortunately, one of them died before he could be cared for by the shelter. Another was recovered in very poor health, unable to lift his head. It was a small female, who was put on a drip.

The other kittens did better, but had to be treated for fleas, worms and mites. Thanks to the good care of the shelter, they are already doing much better.

The whole litter will be offered for adoption in some time. In the meantime, the shelter hopes to receive donations to cover the cost of treatment for the little ones. They also call on people to sterilize their cats, so as to limit the number of stray cats.

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