3rd price increase in France, is buying still worth it?

Update 03/16/2022: never two without three – a third increase in the price of the Tesla Model 3 has just been announced by the brand. The base price is thus increased by 3,000 euros to 49,990 euros, which reduces the ecological bonus to which you are entitled to only 2,000 euros. The base price of a Model 3 with ecological bonus included is thus 47,990 euros. Before the recent increases, it was possible to get a Model 3 ecological bonus included, for less than 40,000 euros.

Did you plan to buy a Tesla Model 3? Bad news, the company has again revised its prices upwards. While the American sedan was offered until now at 43,800 euros in its basic version, it is now marketed at a price of 44,990 euros. It therefore represents a significant increase of 1190 euros.

But that is not the main problem with this price increase. The real concern with this increase is thatbuying a Model 3 in France becomes really less interesting. And this is mainly based on the consequences of this new price on the ecological bonus.

The bonus or no options

In France, and until June 30, 2022, French legislation allows you to benefit from an ecological bonus when purchasing an electric vehicle. In the case of a model with less than 45,000 euros, you can then benefit from a bonus of 6,000 euros. Beyond that, and up to 60,000 euros, this bonus drops to 2,000 euros.

The Model 3 fit so far perfectly in this device, which made it possible to afford a Tesla vehicle for less than 40,000 euros. By increasing its price to 44,990 euros, Tesla allows the Model 3 to stay in the nails to benefit from this bonus. Yes but here, for this price, it is impossible to add an option, the most minimal it is.

Thus, to benefit from the ecological bonus of 6000 euros for the purchase of a Model 3 today, you have to be satisfied with the minimum. Unable to change the color of the vehicle, neither that of the seats nor even opting for sports rims, options billed at 1190 euros each, the equivalent of the increase operated by Tesla.

Taking the improved Autopilot option (3800 euros) or fully autonomous driving (7500 euros) is even heresy. As soon as you opt for the least option, the bonus therefore drops to 2000 euroswhich makes buying a Model 3 much less attractive.

Before the increase, we could at least choose the color of the vehicle and get away with a bill of around 39,000 euros (45,000 – 6,000). From now on, a basic model with black bodywork, for example, will cost 45,000 euros, or 6,000 euros more! What cool the ardor of those who were considering perhaps acquiring a standard Model 3. For the more muscular models nothing changes since the ecological bonus was already 2000 euros.

From July 1, 2022, buying a Tesla (or any other electric vehicle) will be even less attractive. Indeed, from this date the maximum ecological bonus will drop to 5,000 euros. Another 1000 euros lost on the way. This should not help to democratize electric cars. In any case, not the Model 3.

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