2 kittens were discovered in front of a store, in a box on which was written “free”

These two feline sisters were abandoned in a box at the entrance of a store. Since then, they have been inseparable.

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In Floridato United States, a cardboard box was found abandoned in front of a food store. Above, an inscription read “Free”. The person who discovered it opened the box and was amazed to find 2 cute little cats. They were about 3 weeks old and were infested with fleas.

The two kittens have joined a foster family

The person who had discovered the box contacted the shelter AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue. Nadia, a volunteer foster family, immediately took care of the kittens. “They were extremely hungry and crying very hard when they arrived, but I quickly fed and warmed them. Then they cuddled up to catch up on some well-deserved sleep“, she confided to lovemeow.

The 2 sisters quickly understood how to drink from a bottle and were able to feed themselves properly. Nadia gave them a bath to get rid of their fleas.

Shortly after, the kittens showed the first signs of well-being. They started kneading their blankets, rolling themselves in them and purring.

Two inseparable and energetic sisters

Surrounded by love and good care, the 2 sisters continued to gain weight and their character gradually asserted itself. While they spent a lot of time cuddling, they also did all their silly things together and were full of energy.

Although inseparable, the sisters also opened up to new friendships. “They love to explore and become friends with other cats and dogs.“, Told Nadia.

In May, the 2 cats had the chance to be adopted jointly. They were named Anne and Hallie and will be able to spend their whole life happy and especially together!

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