100% Lozère crisps thanks to the “Pépites de l’Aubrac” potato industry

Marketing was launched on Saturday September 3, at the Aubrac festival in Nasbinals. Tasting.

Each visitor to the Aubrac festival, Saturday September 3, at Nasbinals, was certainly presented with a paper plate to taste the novelty of the day. 100% Lozère crisps, from the “Pépites de l’Aubrac” potato industry. “This is the official launch, the first day of commercializationthen launched David Domenichini, one of the promoters of the event. We picked them up on Saturday. They don’t have the final packaging yet.”

The Lozère Aubrac breeder recalled that “La Pépite was launched four or five years ago by about fifteen young people from the plateau. The project was then to transform this potato. We wanted a packet of crisps without additives. They are made in a company in Ardèche, simply cooked to the cauldron. To start, we harvested 1.6 tonnes of potatoes. The objective is to reach 30 tonnes.”

A staple food

According to Matthieu Rodier, breeder of Aubrac cows in Trélans, the production of these chips “was to expand our range. We are offering a new product to our current customers. We are all committed to a quality meat industry. Potatoes are the same path. Our challenge is to demonstrate the same quality approach with chips. It seemed good to us, it’s a staple, simple, and unifying. We’ve already had very good feedback. And we have other ideas, projects.”

“Pépites de l’Aubrac” potatoes are grown “in the area of ​​the Regional Natural Park, simply in Lozèrerecalled David Domenichini. We do not descend to less than 800 meters of altitude. They are sometimes difficult to cultivate, but that is also the challenge.”

Saturday at aperitif time, visitors found these crisps very sweet. And they quickly plunged their fingers back into the package, still unlabeled.

A 100% Aubrac aligot

These Lozère crisps will be marketed “with all our customerssays Matthieu Rodier. In restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets that already sell our potatoes. La Pépite de l’Aubrac is a sector. We will also go beyond the borders of the territory. And we are reaching events with the 100% Aubrac aligot.”

On Saturday September 3, at Nasbinals, on the sector’s stand, the 3 kg net of potatoes was marketed at the price of €4; bag of crisps €2. It was also indicated that the pick-up in the fields will take place on September 24th.

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